Co-op Student Checklist for Beginning a Work Semester

I. Co-op Registrations (There are two separate processes you need to complete.)

  1. Verify Enrollment with the Co-op Office by completing the enrollment verification form online:
  2. Register with MSU for the Co-op Class, CP 2103. $25.00 will be charged to account. Students who have previously registered for academic classes must first add the Co-op Class, and then drop academic classes.
  3. Honors Co-op Credit is available For Students in the Shackouls Honors College; CP2103 section H. Honors Co-op credit requires a three-page paper due at the end of each Honors Co-op term.
  4. Students on Hold must clear their account and register for Co-op prior to the last day to drop/add a course. Failure to register for the Co-op Course will result in removal from the Co-op Program.
  5. International Students – I-20 forms must be signed by your ISO advisor and a copy on file in the Co-op Office before you leave campus.

II. Email

All Co-op information and notices are sent to the MSU student email address. Check email regularly to ensure the email box is not over quota or that the Co-op Office mail is not accidentally added to a junk mail list. (Please note: MSU email can be forwarded to another address, but group email sent to some addresses such as Hotmail have a high return rate. Therefore, we recommend checking the MSU email account on a regular basis.)

III. Financial Aid

  1. Complete a fall/spring change request form: MyState - Financial Aid – Fall/Spring Change Request
  2. Notify the Financial Aid office of the Co-op rotation agreement and defer any grant or loan money to the following academic semester., 325-2450, 325-2224
  3. Engineering Departmental Scholarships – Notify academic department of the Co-op rotation agreement.
    Robert Green, Bagley Undergraduate Student Coordinator,
    McCain Engineering 325-2267
    Students receiving MTAG/MESG funds must apply each school year by the September 15 deadline. Funds apply only during regular fall/spring semesters and for academic classes, and are not for co-op or PPI work semesters or for summer school. Review specific information and access applications via the MS Department of Education website:
  5. MPACT and other external scholarships are processed by MSU's Sponsored Student Office. If applicable, notify this office to defer funds during a co-op or internship term.

IV. Student Housing

  1. Notify Housing to cancel the spring semester of a fall/spring housing contract by Dec. 1.
    Review the cancellation policy concerning Co-op and Internship here:
  2. Inquire about making proper arrangements for future summer/fall/spring campus housing when returning from a work semester,, 662-325-3555, Herbert Hall

V. Campus Meal Plan

To Cancel Spring Meal Plan – Call 325-7120, Provide a copy of the Co-op rotation agreement. The Meal Plan office is located next to State Fountain Bakery.

VI. Class Registration

Students at Work will receive their RAC# via email with links to the master schedules and the date and time for pre-registration. Co-op students are able to go online and register early. For students with flow charts, remember to take them to work with you for as a reference for class selections. Meet with your academic advisor before you leave campus.

VII. Activity Fee

To purchase student tickets for athletic events, for the use of the Health Center, and to participate in other activities such as intramural sports, students may elect to pay a part-time student activity fee through Student Account Services. Use of the Sanderson Center is $65 extra for each semester, to be paid directly to the Sanderson Center. Contact Student Account Services:

VIII. Driver’s License/Inspection Sticker Renewal

Make sure these are up-to-date as it’s a lot easier to take care of this before leaving campus and/or the state.

IX. FaceBook/Myspace/Twitter

Do not post work photos on public internet sites without permission from your employer. Ensure that you and co-workers maintain appropriate web networking photos and content.

We hope you have a great work experience! Please keep in touch.