Co-op Credit

You may secure a job offer by participating in Co-op Interview Days, Career Day, interviewing at the Career Center or submitting your resume online. What is next?

Steps to ensure you receive proper Co-op credit!

  1. Communication with the Co-op Office is the KEY to a successful transition from school to your work semester. Schedule an appointment with your Co-op Coordinator to discuss your offer (or offers) and to receive guidance before accepting.
  2. When your decision is made, call or email your employer to accept or decline the offer. Be certain before accepting an offer.  Once you accept you are locked in with that co-op employer.
  3. After accepting, you must complete your paperwork with your Co-op Coordinator in order to earn co-op credit. Once these documents are completed, you are committed to working for that employer for the duration of your co-op experience.
  4. Final steps include registering for the co-op class, completing the online enrollment verification form, and attending the First Work meeting.