2016 Epting/Mathews Co-op Student of the Year Winner

Brittany Eads is a Mechanical Engineering major from Slidell, Mississippi who co-oped for three terms with Chevron in Pascagoula, Mississippi. While at Chevron Brittany was able to gain understanding of the refinery process and equipment work. Some of her daily responsibilities included working with vendors and evaluating bids, installing and repairing equipment, and reviewing work orders. During her second and third rotations Brittany worked in the Designs Engineering department working on projects to be completed during the yearly plant shutdown. Through these projects Brittany and her fellow engineers were able to determine the material upgrade for a furnace that was needed to improve its efficiency and longevity thus helping the refinery save money hundreds of thousands of dollars during future shutdowns.

Brittany stated about her co-op experience “Overall, my co-op experience changed my life completely. It gave me an invaluable networking opportunity, the understanding of a professional engineering environment, and the chance to determine where I wanted my future to go.” It ends up that her future belonged at Chevron. Upon graduation Brittany was offered and accepted a full-time position at their Mobile facility.

While at Mississippi State, Brittany has had the honor of being on the President’s List along with being involved in several campus and community volunteer organizations.