Co-Op Policies

I. Co-Op Work Registration

Work registration procedures include:

  1. Do the necessary co-op paperwork before your first work term only.
  2. Register with the university, for the appropriate co-op class each work semester.
  3. Submit your enrollment verification form (sent as a link through email) every semester until graduation.
  4. Complete your work report following every work semester. This report will be sent as a link by email or you can access the report through your banner account.

II. Enrollment Verification

Once you have been designated an "ACTIVE" Co-op student you must complete a "Enrollment Verification" form at the beginning of each school semester prior to the last official day to schedule classes.

III. Co-op Probations

"Co-Op Probation" will result if the student:

  1. Fails to maintain a 2.00/4.00 Grade Point Average for any school semester.
  2. Receives an overall work evaluation of "marginal" (D).

Students not on Co-op Probation shall be considered to be in "good standing" in the Co-op Program.

IV. Removal From the Co-Op Program

A student will automatically be removed from the Co-op Program if the student:

  1. Has an unscheduled withdrawal or departure from the University during a school or work semester.
  2. Becomes ineligible for immediate readmission to the University.
  3. Fails to complete a Co-op work semester. Completion of a work semester includes submitting a completed work report form.
  4. Receives a work rating of "unsatisfactory" for a Co-op work semester.
  5. Receives two probations consisting of a school semester with less than a 2.00 Semester Grade Point Average immediately following or followed by a work semester rated "Marginal - Grade = D".
  6. Is placed on Co-op probation (below a 2.00 Semester GPA) and does not establish at least a 2.00 GPA during the next scheduled school semester.
  7. Accumulates a total of three Co-op probation periods.
  8. Receives a 0.00 Grade Point Average for a school semester.
  9. Fails to register with the Co-op Program for a work semester by the last date for registration as established in the official University Calendar.
  10. Fails to register with the Co-op Program for a school semester by the last date for registration as established in the official University Calendar.
  11. Fails to meet any other specific published requirement of the University, their academic college or department, or the Co-op Program.

Any student terminated from the Program, who feels that there are extenuating circumstances concerning their termination, may request a copy of the program's reinstatement policy.

V. Employment Acceptance

When concurrence on employment between you, the employer, and the Co-op Program is reached, you are designated an "ACTIVE" Co-op student. Once you receive and accept an offer of co-op employment your search is complete and you should not accept other interviews or co-op offers. Upon accepting employment with an employer, you are expected to complete a school/work rotation schedule and to remain with that employer throughout the program.

VI. Rotation

(Note: Architecture, Landscape Architecture and some Forestry co-ops work three or four consecutive semesters and do not rotate.)

You are expected to rotate on an alternating semester basis between full-time work (a minimum of 38 hours per week) and enrollment at MSU unless otherwise indicated on the signed rotation schedule. (Note: Active Co-op students not enrolled in classes on the Starkville main campus should consult with their coordinator.) The Co-op Program will periodically publish a "Co-op Calendar" (available online at establishing the normal rotation dates for work semesters. School semesters will follow the dates outlined in the University calendar. Graduate students are expected to work a minimum of two semesters, one being a non-summer.

VII. Academic Major Changes

Placement and employer acceptance of a Co-op student are based on a number of factors including academic major. Therefore, continued Co-op student employment is contingent upon pursuing the major in which the student was placed.

VIII. Graduate Program

Persons with a baccalaureate degree may be eligible to participate in the Graduate Co-op Program once they have been admitted to the MSU Graduate Program and pending acceptance by their major department, an approved Co-op employer, and the Co-op office.

IX. Co-Op Certification

Students completing a minimum of 52 work-weeks in good standing under the Co-op Program are eligible to receive Co-op certification upon graduation from the University. Students must register for the applicable Co-op course for each work semester. These courses are listed in the MSU master schedule every semester. The official University transcript documents Co-op participation.

Students completing the 52 week requirement become designated as "complete" Co-op students and must continue to complete Co-op school registration each semester until graduation.

X. Extension Courses

Generally, extension courses may be taken by Co-op students during a work semester if classes are offered in their immediate work location. However, written concurrence should be obtained from both the student's employer and department head at Mississippi State University prior to registration for the course(s).

XI. Required Duration of a Co-op Work Semester

To be eligible for a "satisfactory" work evaluation, you must work, at minimum, 20 weeks in the fall or spring semesters and 12 weeks in the summer. Refer to start dates on the co-op website at and work with your employer to determine exact start dates.

XII. Request for Variation from Policies and Procedures

Any request for a variation from the policies and procedures must be submitted in writing (email is acceptable) to the student’s Co-op Program liaison prior to the beginning of the applicable period.